Maintenance Programs

DTS SF VacData-Tec Systems has been providing our specialized computer facility maintenance services since 1991. We can customize periodic maintenance programs that fit your data center's needs and budget.

Equipment Cleaning

DTS SF VacOne of the keys to operating a showcase data center is periodic cleaning of the exterior shells or "skins" of computer room equipment. Our cleaning agents safely remove dirt, smudges, fingerprints, tape residue and some brands of toner.

Access Floor Tile Surface Cleaning

DTS MopThe access floor tile surface is the area that requires the most attention. Daily foot traffic alone introduces most of the dust and debris that accumulates seemingly overnight. Prior to cleaning, the floor surface is completely vacuumed, not dust mopped. The idea is to remove the dust and contaminants, not just move them around. The floor is then pre-treated with our environmentally safe cleaners and hand scrubbed. Two neutral, damp mop rinses complete the process to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing and healthier work environment.

Subfloor Vacuuming

DTS SF VacCleaning the sub floor is accomplished using vacuum cleaners that filter down to 0.3 microns by means of a multiple stage filtration system. Detailed cleaning includes vacuuming all sub floor surfaces, under cables, tops of pedestals, and tops of stringers. Special attention is paid to the perforated air flow panels. This is the main pathway for contaminants to enter the sub floor area. Each perforated panel is removed from the support grid and thoroughly cleaned.

Subfloor Tack Cloth Wipe Down

After the sub floor area has been thoroughly vacuumed, the base floor surface, pedestals, stringers and cable troughs are then wiped clean with a lint free tack cloth. While our vacuum cleaners remove most of the sub floor debris, our tack cloth wipe down service takes detailed sub floor cleaning to another level. This service is highly recommended for all post construction cleaning, print facilities, as well as part of an annual "spring cleaning".

Access Floor Repair

DTS AF RepairData-Tec systems can correct potentially hazardous conditions that might exist within your data center. Pedestals can come loose when old adhesive dries out presenting the possibility of a floor collapse. We can check to make sure pedestals are properly adhered to the base floor and re-glue them where needed. Missing stringers create a lack of lateral stability within the floor system.DTS AF Repair We can supply and install replacement parts where needed. Additionally, we can correct rocking panels to eliminate potential trip hazards. We also replace missing or broken tile edge trim to provide a more air tight floor as well as eliminating a path for dirt and debris to enter the sub floor environment.

Access Floor Installation and Replacement

Floor InstallationData-Tec Systems networks with flooring suppliers from around the country to satisfy all your access flooring needs. Whether you are planning to build a new data center or add on to an existing room, our installation experts will provide you with complete installation solutions. From site preparation and access floor installation to ramps, railings, and cable cut-outs, we have the answer.

Safety First

SafetyData-Tec Systems is committed to safety in the workplace. Our specially trained technicians are fully aware of the responsibility of working in sensitive environments and around delicate equipment. They are dedicated to operating in a professional manner and following safety guidelines.

SafetyAll electrical devices are powered using GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protection and power cords have plugs with transparent housings.

Our crews are always observant of potential hazards for your staff and use caution signs for open and wet floors.